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  • Hebei Guanyu Environmental Protection Equipment Corp.,Ltd.

  •  [Hebei,China]
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Hebei Guanyu Environmental Protection Equipment Corp.,Ltd.

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Hebei Guanyu Environmental Protection Equipment Corp Ltd The predecessor is Shijiazhuang Guanyu Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co Ltd was founded in 2006 and located in Shijiazhuang city Hebei province China Guanyu is a high tech enterprise that specialized in Manufacture Technology research development Project design construct and Import export activity We are a professional manufacturer that engaged in Ozone sterilization equipment UV sterilization equipment Pharmaceutical equipment Filtration equipment Water treatment disinfection and purification equipment Air waste gas purification and disinfection equipment Our products are widely used in Waste water Drinking water...

Categories and Products

UV Sterilizer

Tap Water UV Sterilizer

UV water sterilizer for Drinking water UV sterilizer for drinking water Ultraviolet sterilization for Tap water Uv water treatment system for water supply Uv filtration for tap water Uv water disinfection for drinking water Tap water uv water filtration UV water purifiers for drinking UV light water purifier for drinking Water sterilization for drinking water UV Water Filter UV Sterilizer Ultraviolet water machine Ultraviolet sterilizer for water purification Water Purification UV Light Water Sterilization UV sterilizer for tap water 50GPM UV purification system for dinking water Hot sale factory directly commercial uv sterilizer 75w uv light drinking water uv sterilizer 100GPM UV water machine sterilizer system 4TPH UV sterilization systeme for tap water UV purification system sterilizer for tap water 

Household Type UV Sterilizer

Ultraviolet Light Sterilization Systems Household UV Water sterilizer UV Sterilizer Advantages of UV Water Purifier Ultraviolet Pond Sterilizer External Aquarium Filter Water Purifier RO and UV Clarifiers Sterilizers UV Sterilizers Good Quality UV Filter UV Water Purifier UV Lamp Filter Tetra Pond UV Sterilizer UV Rays Sterilization UV Sanitation Lights UV Algae Killer Sterilizer Aquarium UV Sterilizers for Ponds 120w UV Water Purifier Systems UV Light For Water UV Disinfection Systems 2GPM 304 stainless uv lamp water sterilizer UV Disinfection Water Purification 2.5GPH 2.5GPH household UV sterilization system 15w UV purification system for household use Ultraviolet sterilization system for family use 12 GPM Ultroviolet Sterilization Equipment for Well Water 0.5TPH UV water sterilization equipment for drinking Household UV disinfection equipment 23w 

Food Raw Water UV sterilizer

SS316 Health level UV sterilizer for fruit juice UV water purifier whole house UV treatment of source water Source water purifier uv UV light for water treatment Sterilight uv systems for water Best uv sterilizer for water UV light for water sterilization UV sterilizer for aquariums Pharmaceutical water UV sterilizer fresh water UV disinfection systems for water UV water sterilizer bulbs UV filter for water RO and uv water purifier Purification of water UV sterilizer UV filtered water for food UV treatment water for beverage raw water UV light filtration for raw water UV sterilizer aquarium freshwater Drinking Water Treatment UV Sterilizer system 

UPVC sea water UV sterilizer

UV light filter for sea water Ultraviolet water system for sea farming Sea Farming uv sterilisers Sea water ultraviolet filtration Best uv sterilizer aquarium Sea water purifier filter UV disinfection water treatment Ultraviolet system for water treatment Cheap uv sterilizer for sea water UV fish tank sterilizer Best uv water filter 

Swimming Pool Water UV Sterilizer

UV Water Sterilizer for Swimming pool UV Portable Water Purification Sterilization UV Light for Water Disinfection Systems UV Sterilizer Bulb Replacement UV Sterilizer for Freshwater Freshwater UV Disinfection System Buy UV Sterilizer UV Water UV Germicidal Lamp UV Filter Ultraviolet Lights for Water Treatment 52GPM 120W UV sterilizer for water tank UV Based Water Purifiers Water Treatment UV Purification of Water Ultraviolet Filter Best UV Water Treatment System UV Water Purifier UV Sterilizer Saltwater Tank Ultraviolet Sterilizer UV Ultraviolet Water Systems Water Purifier UV Bulbs for Water Sterilizer Ultraviolet Radiation Treatment Systems Water UV Purification Light System Ultraviolet Lamps for Disinfection UV RO UV Water Filter UV Sanitizer Water Filter UV Sterilizer Ultraviolet Purification UV Sterilization System Hot Sale UV sterilizer for tap water 8TPH 

Waste water UV sterilizer

Manual cleaning UV sterilizer for waste water UV water disinfection systems Ultraviolet sterilizer for water Sterilizer for waste water Ultraviolet purification for black water Ultraviolet light treatment for waste water Water purification uv light UV sterilizers for aquarium Aquarium sterilizer for black water Best aquarium uv sterilizer Ultraviolet Light Sterilization Water Purification Systems 240W UV Waste Water Sterilization System High Quality Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems Waste Ultraviolet Sterilization Units Waste Water Purification Systems UV Lamps Waste Water Sterilization Ultraviolet light sterilizer for sewage water Waste Sewage Water UV Sterilizer Waste Water Treatment System of 150W 25GPH Waste Water Treatment System 

Sewage Water UV Sterilizer

Rain water germicidal uv light UV water purification systems Water uv light for river water Water purification system for Reclaimed water Sterilight ultraviolet water sterilizer Ultraviolet water purifiers for river water Whole house uv water purifier Auto cleaning UV sterilizer for waste water High quality UV water sterilization for sewage water 430 ton per hour UV water sterilizer Waster water UV sterilization system 75TPH Ultraviolet disinfection sterilizer system 360W Sewage Water UV Sterilization System UV disinfection water system for waste water 250GPM Ultraviolet sterilization for waste water treatment High Flow Rate Ultraviolet water sterilization High strength UV waste water sterilizer UV Lamp Sterilization for Waste Water Sewage Water UV Light Sterilizer System High Flow Rate Waste Water UV Sterilizer 

Ballast Water UV Sterilizer

Ballast water sterilight uv Water green killing machine uv sterilizer UV sterilizer for sale Ultraviolet water sterilizer system UV light for water purification UV sterilization lamp for ballast water UV water system for ballast water Ultraviolet light water purification Drinking water uv sterilizer Ballast water sterilizer uv UV Purification of Water Ultraviolet Sterilizer UV Sterilizer for Saltwater Treatment Controller unit UV sterilizer for drinking 40W UV Lamp Sterilizer for Well Water Ultraviolet Water Sterilization Equipments UV lamp water sterilizer system UV water sterilizer with controller unit 75 GPH UV purification systems for swimming pool UV light germicidal water machines 60TPH UV water sterilization system 

RO water UV sterilizer

UV Water Sterilizer for RO Plant UV Water Treatment System Reviews Handheld Sterilization Lamp UV Sterilizer UV Water Filter UV Purification of Drinking Water Inline UV Water Filter UV Light Water Treatment System Water Purification Ultraviolet Water Treatment UV Sterilizer Water Purifier for RO SYSTEM UV Sterilizer water purification systems fro RO Plant Aquarium uv sterilizer for RO plant Uv water purification for RO SYSTEM Uv light water treatment for RO System Uv sterilization for RO plant Handheld UV Water Purifier Water Purifier System UV Water Treatment Bulbs Ultraviolet Light for Fish Tank UV water sanitizer for river water Ultraviolet water UV Sterilizer UV sterilizer bulb for rain water UV Disinfection of Water Best uv Water Treatment System UV purification system for swimming pool Hot sale factory directly UV sterilizer 

Oil Refinery Waste Water Treatment UV Sterilizer

UV Water Light UVC Sterilizer UV Drinking Water UV sterilizer freshwater aquarium Aquarium uv lamp for agricultural production water UV sterilizer for water treatment Ro uv water purifier price UV water filtration systems Ultraviolet water purifier reviews UV lights for water UV lights for aquariums UV lamp water treatment Oil Refinery Waste Water UV Sterilizer UV Lamps Sterilization System Want to Buy UV Sterilizer High Performance UV Sanitiser Systems Factory Directly Waste Water UV Sterilizer UV Sterilizer for Oil Refinery Use Best Water UV Disinfection Equipment We Supply UV Sterilizer of Good Quality UV Lamps Sterilization for Sewage Water UV Disinfection Systems for Waste Water 

Drinking Water UV Sterilizer

0.4t uv sterilizer 100 m3/hour flow water uv sterilizer 10gpm pond uv sterilizer 12gpm pond uv sterilizer UV water sterilizer for household water 9GPM UV sterilizer for household water 10GPM 2TPH 40w Ultraviolet sterilizer for drinking water 15W 0.5TPH 2GPM UV purification system for family drinking Ultraviolet Sterilizer for Clean Water Drinking Water UV light Sterilizer Fresh Water Sterilizer with Light Power 75w UV Water Treatment Machine High Sterilizing Rate Freshwater UV Sterilizer Tap water UV Light Sterilization 120W Lamp UV Sterilizer UV Lamp Sterilization for Drinking Water High Performance UV Sanitiser System Discount UV Sterilization Systems UV Sterilizer Using UV Light to Sterilizer Water Hot Sale UV Sterilizer for Drinking Water 

Pharmacy Raw Water UV Sterilizer

UV Pharmacy Raw Water Sterilizer 120W UV Pharmacy Waste Water Sterilizer Multi-lamps Water UV Sterilizer 

Beverage Raw Water UV Sterilizer

600W UV Sterilizer Disinfection Machine 240W UV Water Sterilizer Machine Three lamps 300W UV Sterilizer UV Radiation Water Sterilizer for Food Industrial 120W Water Storage Tank UV Sterilizer UV Water Disinfection for Beverage and Milk 400W Food Use UV Sterilizer 

Salt Water UV Sterilizer

Cheap UV Salty Water Sterilizer UV Salty Water Purification Systems 

Reclaimed Water UV Sterilizer

High Quality Water Distiller for Reclaimed Water 38T UV Disinfection System for Treated Water 600W UV Germicidal Light Sterilizer 120W UV Salty Water Sterilizer 

Marine Water UV Sterilizer

UV Marine Water Sterilizer for Aquaculture UV Sterilizer for Marine Water Treatment 

UV Sterilizer For Medical Water

UV Medical Water Sterilizer of High Quality 360W Medical Waste Water Sterilizer 

Water Distiller

Electric High Effect Water Distiller Machine

Storage Tank Purifier Sterilizer Water Distiller Water Distiller Machine for Laboratory Usage Water Distiller Machine for Laboratory Antique water distiller filter Aqua pro water filter for commercial or home distiller Auto control industrial water distillation system Automatic double water distillation systems Automatic double water distillation system Best price waste engine oil distillation plant to diesel Electric laboratory water distillation Pure Water Distiller Distillation System buy water distiller for home distillers Portable Water Distiller for Home Use Home Water Distillation Equipment for Sale Water Distiller Buy Water Stills Buy Electric Distiller Water Distillation Apparatus Buy Cheap Water Distiller for Sale High Effect Electric Power Distillation Water Distiller Unit for Distilled Water Factory Directly Water Distillation System 

High effect auto descaling water distiller machine

Hospital lab equipment stainless steel water distiller Hot sale top quality stainless steel dental water distiller Water Distiller Portable water distiller Water distiller for laboratories Water distiller for autoclave Water Distillation Equipment Large Pure Water Machine Water distillation rotary evaporator Homemade Water Distiller System Price Steam Distilled Water Distillation Unit Suppliers Water Distiller for Medical Use Industrial Water Distiller Industry Water Distillation Systems Laboratory Water Distillation Equipment Good Quality Water Distiller High Purity Water Distillation Systems Pure Water Distiller Distillation System Buy Water Distiller for Inductrial Water Distiller Systems of pharmaceutical Buy Lab Water Distillation Systems Water Filter Distillation Equipment 

Tubular Multi-Effect Water Distiller Machine

Antique Dental Material Water Distillers Water for injection water distillation Water treatment machine/industrial water distiller Multi column distillation water plant Multi-effect water distilled machine Manual Operation Multi-effect Water Distiller Medical sterilization dental water distiller Top Quality Stainless Steel Commercial Water Distiller Hospital laboratory Unit stainless steel water distiller Full automatic water distillation machine Best Water Distillation Equipment Distiller Water Purification Machine for Family Competitive Price Water Industrial Water Distiller Multi-effect Effective Water Distilled Machine Newest Water Distiller Filter Water Distiller for Injection Water Structure Water Distiller Use for WFI Best Pure Water Distiller Countertop Water Distiller Distilled Water Machine Water Distillation Equipment System Stainless Steel Water Distiller Maker 

Purifier Water Distiller

Multiple Effect Tubular Water Distillation System Stainless Steel 304 Tubular Multiple Distillation System 500L/H Multi-effect Distillation Apparatus for Injection 100L/H Multiple Effect Water Distiller for Injection 200L/H Multiple Effect Distiller for Injection Multiple Effect Water Distiller Machine for Injection Multiple Effect Water Distiller Equipment for Injection Multiple Effect Water Distiller Apparatus for Injection Multiple Effect Water Distiller System for Injection Multiple Effect Distiller Machine for Injection 3000L/H Multiple Effect Distiller Equipment for Injection Stainless Steel Water Distiller for Pharmacy Stainless Steel Water Distiller Machine for Pharmacy Stainless Steel Water Distiller Equipment for Pharmacy 400L Stainless Steel Water Distiller Unit for Pharmacy 500L Stainless Steel Water Distiller Unit for Pharmacy 800L/H Stainless Steel Water Distiller Apparatus Pharmacy Stainless Steel Water Distiller Apparatus for Pharmacy Stainless Steel 304 Water Distiller for Pharmacy Large Capacity Water Distiller 

Laboratory Water Distiller

100L High-Effect Stainless Steel Laboratory Water Distiller Energy efficient water distiller Home distilled water machine Where to Find Distilled Water Equipment Competitive Price Portable Pure Water Distillation Equipme Water Distillation Systems for Pharmaceutical Pure Water Distiller Distillation Systems High Purity Water Distiller Automatic Water Distillation Systems Factory Directly Large Water Distillation System Tap Water High Effect Water Distiller Hot Sale Pharmacy Water Distiller On Sale Pharmacy Water Distiller High Quality Water Evaporation Systems Laboratory Water Distillation Equipment 200l/h Pharmaceutical Water Distillation Equipment Cost Effective Water Distillation Equipment Automatic Water Distiller Machine Large Commercial Water Distillation System Sterilization Equipment Water Distiller 

Multi-effect Distillation Machine

New Technology Designed Water Distiller System New Technology Designed Distillation Machine Multi-effect Distiller Equipment Multi-effect Distiller System for Injection Multi-effect Distillation Machine for Injection Multi-effect Water Distillation Machine for Injection Multi-effect Water Distillation Unit for Injection Multi-effect Water Distillation Apparatus for Injection Multi-effect Distilled Water Apparatus for Injection Multi-effect Steam Distillation Equipment for Injection Multiple Effect Water Distiller for Injectable Use Multi-effect Distilled Water Machine for Injection High Quality Water Distiller for Injection High Quality Water Distiller Equipment for Injection High Quality Water Distiller Machine for Injection 500L Water Distiller Equipment for Injection High Quality Water Distiller Unit for Injection High Quality Water Distiller Apparatus for Injection High Quality Water Distiller System for Injection 

Energy Efficient Water Distiller

Good Quality Distilled Water Machine Good Price Water Distiller Large Water Distillation Systems for Chemical Research Laboratories Water Distillation Systems Large Commercial Water Distiller Machine Water Filter Distiller Machine of 400l/h Water Filter Distiller Machine Stainless Steel 304 Water Distillation Systems Water Distillation of SS Material ISO Certificate Water Distiller of 100l Steam Boiler Water Distillation Machine 800l/hour Steam Boiler Water Distillation Machine Water Filter Distiller Equipment Tap Water Sterilizer Equipment Tubular Multi-effect Water Distillation System Water Distiller for Medical Injection Stainless Steel 304 Tubular Water Distillation System New Technology Designed Water Distillation System New Design Tubular Water Distillation System ISO Approved Tubular Water Distillation 

Multi-Effect Water Distiller

Multi-effect Aqua Water Distiller Multi-effect Distilled Water Apparatus Injection Using Distiller Water Producing Machine Battery Industrial Tubular Water Distillation Equipment 200L/H Multiple Water Distillation System Automatic Multiple Effect Water Distiller Factory Directly Tubular Water Distillation System Double Distilled Water Systems 2000L Injection Use Water Distillation Good Quality Water Distillation Machine New Technology Designed Water Distiller New Technology Designed Water Distiller Machine New Technology Designed Water Distiller Apparatus New Technology Designed Distiller Equipment New Designed Distillation Apparatus for Injection New Technology Designed Distilled Water Machine New Technology Designed Steam Distillation Multi-effect Water Distillation for Injectable Use Multi-effect Water Distiller for Injection Multi-effect Water Distiller Machine for Injection 


Comprehensive hydrotreater

Quality first antibacterial water filter Automatic Full Integrated Water Processor High Quality electromagnetic limescale prevention equipment Electromagnetic Descaler hydrotreater Automatic Comprehensive Hydrotreater Automatic backwash comprehensive water hydro-treater Automatic backwash comprehensive water hydrotreater Comprehensive hydrotreater water Filtering and Descaling Comprehensive hydro-treater water Filtering and Descaling Circulating water treatment integrated swimming pool filter 

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